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 Our Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Our Code of Conduct   Our Code of Conduct EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 4:54 pm

Code Of Conduct

(This section is rather long however it is not meant to threaten or condemn, its aim is for safety and clarity)

Our Mission

Each faction member shall try their best to fulfill their respective roles in the faction. Faction members in higher ranks shall create a place of reasonable comfort for all members. Through the mutual expression of kindness and respect shall all members be treated without partiality. Members shall adapt, where necessary, their habits to within the limits set out by the Code of Conduct. Members shall be sensitive to level and gender as portrayed in PW. as well as to the true identity of the person playing that character. Privacy and Secrecy are the rights held by all members


There is no minimum time threshold to be eligible to be a Freedom member. It is the wish of the faction administration that characters/members in the faction be online and participate in the factions activities, to the point that they are deemed a faction asset.

Multi-Character Accounts

At this time the faction is limited too just a main character and only ONE
No more than two Alt character. With that said any Alts in this faction are required to be active and Level. Those Alts that do not or cannot meet this requirement will be removed from this Faction. A One-Month period of time of inactivity will be inforced.


Members will always endeavor to use language that isn't offensive, harmful or exclusive in any way. This includes, and not limited to, shuffling of or disguise of profane language, and/or the use of a language(s) with intent to manipulator confuse others. Members are encouraged to excuse and ignore other characters when volatile discussions ensue. Member are also encouraged to politely voice when a discussion offends them and likewise to halt, politely, discussions for which offensiveness has been announced. It is this faction's desire that these rules be carried out in all types of communications In Perfect World including and not limited to whispers, mails and shouts.


No Drama will be tolerated in faction chat. This includes arguments, name calling, cursing of each other, If there is a problem take it too private chat! If the problem can not be resolved then contact an officer on our website via a pm with a complete statement of the problem and when possible any screen shots as proof.

Quest Duty

Although this faction tries very hard to be helpful where it can be, faction members are still required to do all quests themselves. This doesn't mean on their own, it means the members must be actively involved in the completion of a quest. Special provision is made for members working as teams and for one-man-army quests.

Faction Duty

Faction Duty is where a faction member(s) are called upon to execute a task (as opposed to being asked). For Freedom to fulfill its mission, all faction members must be willing to comply when dispatched for faction duty. Please note that only members with higher and equal to MARSHALL can execute faction duty on fellow faction members. Dispatchers will be courteous, and take into consideration the following: members on quests, level and profession of the dispatchee.

Kill Theft

This is when a character, with selfish intent, attacks another mob, even though though another is busy attacking it. This imposes a false sense of superiority inferiority. For this reason any faction member under any circumstances other than shall not practice KILL THEFT by being done by accident. This does not mean this can be repeatedly used as an excuse for such actions. Special provision is made for the unsolicited cooperate attacks on boss mobs.

Drop Theft

This is where a character picks up drops, either from a mob or a character, when there is a clear possibility that it is destined to a nearby character and /or squad of characters. DROP THEFT shall not be practiced nor will faction members under any circumstance tolerate it!

Fair Trade

Faction members are encouraged to trade fair with all characters in PW.This includes, and is not limited to, the use of auction house, player consignment, and player trading. Faction members will not force and/or manipulate other others into buying, selling, or swapping items in PW. No disputes of fair or unfair trading will be tolerated.

Play versus Player (AKA: Pking)

Although Freedom does not condone nor condemn PVP, it is a faction member’s choice to participate in PVP. PVP shall not be practiced between fellow faction members under any circumstances. PVP mode characters shall enable the faction member protection feature for PVP to prevent transgressions from occurring and will not employ malicious intent on fellow faction members. PVP of any ally is grounds for immediate banishment


Faction members are encouraged to have disputes settled. For serious disputes, or reports of transgressions, it is recommended that a PW mail be sent to the leader and/or director of the faction. Faction members must be patient as facilitation of judgment and reconciliation may take time. DO NOT TAKE IT TOO FACTION CHAT. Any Disputes in faction chat can get you banished.


At this time, I feel it necessary to implement a mandatory participation of TW. As we have many mermbers not all are active. There for I must mandate that all actives participate in TW no less than once a week.

It's a game, have fun with it.

This game is for community more than power struggle. We are here for one another and I wish it to remain this way for me. I want each and every one of you to feel like this is a place to escape all the stress of the day. Not add to your aggressions. If you need to come in and just talk I am here for you too unload on. I have big shoulders and can carry a lot. If something is bothering you I want you to feel that you can come to me with anything you like sharing!

I would also like to let you know that I don't want this to feel like an added responsibility to anyone. The only thing I require you to do is have fun and help your fellow faction members. Not all quests require help and some do.

At these times that help is required I would like to feel we are here for one another. There are times that someone is caught up in a quest, For this I will understand. But on a different note ones plea for help going unanswered and/or being ignored will not be tolerated. It is just common courtesy to acknowledge those pleas, be it a yes or a sorry can't at this time. I would appreciate your cooperation and consideration of your fellow faction members.

As you are here for us, we will also be here for you. This does not mean give all your stuff away to other faction members, but is does mean that we stay fair with one another. There are costs in the game, and some times that takes time to require. For this reason I would like you to be careful what you keep and what you sell to the merchant. Some things you have no need for now, other faction members are struggling to acquire. So please let's share with other faction members.


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Our Code of Conduct
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